About Me

Felix Amerasinghe practiced law in the D.C. area for 15 years before quitting in the summer of 2015 to paint and draw full time.  His focus is on commissioned pencil and pastel portraits based on reference photos.  Representative examples are available throughout the site. Felix enjoys collaborating with clients to come up with finished pieces that are not just replicas of photographs but expressions of the artist and client’s joint vision.  Felix works with clients to identify high quality reference photos.  He emails pictures during the drawing process to solicit input from clients on how they feel about the work in progress.

Felix has also done considerable work of subjects other than portraits.   He has drawn and painted hundreds of pieces of the human figure.  His landscapes, figure-in-ground and still life work are shown on this web-site.

For Felix, painting and drawing are a passion not a banal professional experience.  He believes that there is something about that moment when light and dark blend into each other on the canvas and a painting pops into the third dimension — the moment is life-giving on the surface and life-altering beyond.  It is this love of his work, the investment of his soul in every piece, that makes his artwork engaging and emotionally moving.

So much time and money are wasted on transient interests.  Photos on social media surface and disappear.  Quality pastel and pencil work will last for generations. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or other works of art, please contact Felix at galleryfelix@gmail.com.