Colorist Method & Paintings of Sons

First off: my apologies for the long delay in posting on this blog.  I’ve been busy with commissions, personal projects and life in general.  What’s more, Facebook has replaced small business websites and blogs as the primary way to reach interested parties.  My personal musings are less interesting to people than photos of my artwork!  Thus, I will keep this blog entry short.

I am attaching below several portraits that I have done in the “colorist” method.   The method comes up in conversation about artists like Hensche and Shanks, but I think that those artists had a very formal, disciplined approach that depended on artists conducting color studies in different atmospheric conditions.  The broader, colorist method is just about using very bright colors to start paintings and then using other colors to create more realistic tones and values.  The artist stays away from just dumping black and white into the painting to make works lighter or darker.  The result is a more colorful painting.

MalalafinEveDeveloped 2016-02-25 14.30.44 copy 2016-02-11 14.36.21-1

Also, I have really enjoyed doing a couple of oil paintings of my sons!  I don’t often do oil paintings, but my knowledge of pastels has readily translated into applying color in oils.   Dhiren2016-04-24 12.47.18

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